100 Organic Cat Grass Seed (NON GMO) WMX6UUJOVWLY203

100% Organic Cat Grass Seed (NON GMO) WMX6UUJOVWLY203

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CAT GRASS/PET GRASS SEED: Our premium cat/pet grass seed is super easy to grow, 100% certified organic and NON GMO with a very high germination rate. You can’t go wrong with our easy to follow instructions (INCLUDED) and premium seed mix. You will receive 8 ounces, about 25 plantings or a year’s supply of our premium 100% certified organic (NON GMO) pet grass seed. This seed is so easy to grow it can be used with any planter and growing medium. NATURAL HAIRBALL CONTROL AND HAIRBALL REMEDY FOR CATS: Much like mother's milk, the juices in cat grass contain FOLIC ACID. Folic Acid assists in the production of hemoglobin, this protein moves oxygen in the blood. This is an essential vitamin in a cat's bodily function and acts as a digestive aid. FIBER - A high-fiber diet can help prevent the formation of hairballs. Cat grass provides an organic renewable resource of enjoyment and fiber for your cat. (and may save a trip to the veterinarian). OUR PET GRASS IS A CERTIFIED ORGANIC BLEND OF WHEAT, OATS, RYE, BARLEY AND FLAX: Our special NON GMO formula cat grass is loved by cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, and reptiles like turtles and iguanas. Naturally reduces hairballs and provides an important source of carbohydrates and vitamins A, B, C, E and K. as well as essential minerals and nutrients like Calcium, Chlorophyll (a natural breath freshener), Iron, Lecithin, Magnesium, and Pantothenic Acid. SIMPLE AND EASY TO GROW: Grow amazing Organic Pet Grass in about 4 - 6 days. WE CARE ABOUT THE WAY WE DO BUSINESS: Our customers love us because our customers and earth friendly manufacturing is very important to us. Using our strict selection process we ensure you get NON GMO, Organic cat grass seeds - see what our customers say! We want you to love our high quality pet grass seed so we offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your seed just send us an email and we will refund 100% of the money.